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ETE - Education Training Exercises

 are prepared for all interdisciplinary sectors. A difference between them is made in intensity, depth of specialization or overview, participants' compliance and detailed technical sectors


- We like to coach all stakeholders in a transdisciplinar modus: customers, companies, institutions, research, defense - safety and security.

- This way we gain value and keep value management for a longterm international competitivity: SME.

- Validation and Verification of criteria.

- Softmetrics.

- Interoperability of man-machine-interfaces. 


Security in medicine - lex - banking

Data security

- safety and security

-  Social Media 

- Reiteration

- e-health, e-mobility

Defense, Safety and Security  

 Post Conflict Management

For Post Conflict in the field of project assistance and -management the primary aspect is defined by the synergy between coaching of logic technical applications influenced by local humanistic elements of philosophy and health management.Appropriate continuous concepts help if adopted by modelling and simulation todevelopment of requested personnel guidance, project management, and in complex interdisciplinary operations.

 Risk Management and Standardization prevent intuition to become arbitrariness. Modelation and simulation through validation of empiric or statistic factors can reduce the phenomena of prejudicative dilemma rom emotional indicators between reality and perception. 

For any further detailed information we would like to answer your questions. We offer the content, location and schedule of the courses both, standardized or organized for coaching or seminars. Accompanying literature and printed summary will be delivered.

 Collaborative Decision Making

Intuitive decisions often are taken following systematic categorizing of specialized catalogues of relevance, for exclusion of arbitrariness. In contrary to this procedure anintuitive perception is singular. 

Human Systems Integration

 Complex Systems – Intuitive Analyses - 7 Senses

1 Walking - Running - Climbing  - Condition - Basis

2 Ski – Balance & Stability Physics Engineering

3 Tennis - Flexibility - Tactics 

4 Golf – Muscle Memory GEM individual  vs. team

5 Defense - Concentration / Reaction Systems Engineering

6 Team Sports - ComplexityCommunication

Acustics - Optics - Perception - Logic & Intuition

individual coaching possible. 


 Multidisciplinary Systems Engineering

Interoperability by Systems Enginnering at man-technique interfaces 
systemic modelling and realization of interdisciplinary, techno-social and intercultural frontiers for  systematic -technical solutions.

Small and Middle Sized Companies - SMEs

Change Management - Innovation

Standard Procedures and methods of engineering.


- Key competences of unique items in between international completion.

- Technical and societal aspects.

- IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) concepts for SME international supply chains. 


Assisted mobility

How do ageing societies cope with even faster and stronger – often intuitive solutions?

Cognition starts early in life and depends from the surrounding systems. Increasing lifeage or disease enhance the need of technical assistances anti-proportional Compliance and learning ability of an employee or patient.

A gain insafety and security as well as comfort by solutions of technical assistances are determined by the user’s potential of reaction and cognition through classic and innovative training and consulting concepts.

-  Car conception: individual medical Life Cyclein relation to car Life Cycle.

- Compatibility of mobility assistance vs. usage or disease.

-Implementation, Praxis, Usage.