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EGLIPTik® is specialized in techno-societal interoperabilityof sustainable functional safety of the medical, technical, societal and logistic requirements in their real ambiance. 

 Consultancy and Development of sustainable solutions according to national and international standards by Modeling and Simulation for the Branches of use:

Administration, aerospace, alimentary processing, assurance, customer relation management, economy, energy, epidemiology, infrastructure, IT systems, logistics,  medicine, mobility, navigation, prevention, production, safety and security, strategy, telecommunication, traffic, water management.

Examples of application:

Health and Medical Management:  Ambient Assisted Living, Epidemiology, e-health, Food Process and Technology, Migration, Softmetrics, Medical Management, Medical Prevention.

Interdisciplinary Physics: Safety at work, Biophysics, Energy and Environment, Medical Engineering, Mobility Assistance, Process Engineering, Project Management, Radiation Protection.

Security Systems:   Analysis & Prevention, Customer Relation Management, Defense - Safety and Security, Disaster Prevention and Management, Human Systems Integration,  Logistics, Process safety and security, Social Engineering  Awareness.     

Smart Manufacturing: Industry 4.0, Internet of things, Logistics, Process Engineering, Value Management.

Systems Engineering: Requirements Engineering, Change&Configuration Management, ICT, Complexity Management, Life Cycle Management, Management of Alternatives, Post Conflict Management, Process Development, Quality Management, Service Engineering.