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Collaborative Process

are present challenges of digitalized business processes to assure continuously with high precision and reliability to

> provide essential exigencies and needs,

> develop and produce engineering projects,

> heal patients as physician,

> guarantee indicated therapy and limit individual risks of clientsfrom an assurance view,

> enable work processes to achieve entrepreneurial efficiency.

  Which contribution must project partners consider?

Longterm improvement of health and work processes can be achieved by applying Systems Engineering  as a traceable basis, to document with transparency the meaning, capabilities and responsibility of employees, entrepreneur and client and thus to point out the value of the single 'Stakeholders'.


Quality and Risk Management in work processes

Common examples of subjective perception imposing growing challenges to entrepreneurs are stress and pain. Furthermore additional complexity of products and workflows lead to exhaustion during work, in spite of preventive planning inclusive safety and security arrangement.

From the technological side adaptive Life Cycle Management  leads to an improved interoperability of multidisciplinary systems. 

Prevention by Systems Engineering

Burn-Out-Prevention covers system relevant and system indifferent fields.  EGLIPTik® has training concepts,to help recognizing connections and interdependences of importance that ad hoc actions and longterm work organizing can deliver a significant additional value.

Collaborative Decision Making

Intuitive decisions often are taken following a systematical catalogue of parameters. This is in contradiction to the unique first perception or spontaneity, where structure is asked. 

Systemgestaltung vs. Conflict Management

Adoptable structures and regard of all stakeholders‘ interests require the participation of all oft hem with fairness and juristic correctness. Tailored work flows favor energy efficiency and quality management, whereas the risk of conflict is reduced. 


Balance of work and life is essential for our capacity and success. Keeping Balance even gets more important in situations of high requirements, changes and threats of professional and private fields. Intercultural engineering experience in industry and economy deduct from this that a basic respect of our genesis is not only a new marketing model but more the key to problem solving at all.