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Smart Manufacturing für KMU

mit Industrie 4.0 wird erwartet,  einem fortgeschrittenen Niveau der Digitalisierung von Arbeit und Alltag besonders für KMU.

Bewährte Kontroll- und Steuermethoden wie Qualitätsmanagement, Instandhaltung, Kundenmanagement, ERP-Produktion schaffen die Entwicklungen aus Mikromechanik und Sensorik anspruchsvolle Erwartungshaltungen beim Endverbraucher: Internet of Things, Software basierte Lösungen und Industrial Internet, AAL im Sinne multipler Anwendungen und kontinuierlicher Verfügbarkeit. EGLIPTik greift auf langjährige vielfältige Erfahrung in den relevanten Kompetenzen zurück: 

From EGLIPTik®'s detailed technical and comprehensive experience in physics engineering and maintenance systems realization focuses on complementary structure of capacities and competences with the scope to develop and implement technology regarding exigencies and resources parameters.

Interdisciplinary Physics

Physics, Chemistry, Material Sciences, IT/Software, Ergonomics, Electrochemical Methods, CAD/CAM/CIM/SPC, Technical Thermodynamics, Statistical Experiment Planning, Measuring, Physical Chemistry, Construction, Electrotechniques/Electronics, Applied Engineering, Vacuum Physics, Nuclear Physics, Solid States, Numeric Mathematics, Technical Mechanics, Technical Optics, High/Low Temperatures, Nanophysics, Semiconductors, Energy and Environment, Optoelectronics, Micromechanics, Sensors...


Interface Management, autonomous privacy, integrative work processes, work life balance, logistics, supply, mobility assistance.

True value exceeds from a gain in security, safety and then comfort for the user. Therefore specific parameters must be recognized which can be more effective by model centered documentation between technical innovation and client preparation in optimization.

A consulting concept is adressed to all need in  assistance but also the producers.

Energy Efficiency Systems

Conservation of natural balance in environment and energy often leads to energy supply by renewable sources: biodiversity, change of climate, growing populations, empowering infrastructure and productivity... essential supply of light, warm water, heating, electricity and alimentation.

A large spectrum of technologies has to be considered:  solar thermic, photovoltaic, wind, geothermic, as well as biogas. All are in close relation with global resource management that system interfaces bring up complex requirements.

Environmental Technologies 

EGLIPTik® offers consultancy for project planning, installation, change, modification and environmtal certification:

 - Decision for suitable technology to problem - Systemmodelling and Life Cycle Management - Project Management - Running and Maintenance - Environmental Information Systems Expearience: Bio culture, Analytics Water Management, Density Measurement.


Continuity and stability of reiterative revision ofsingle elements succeed in transparence and traceability. 


Medicine and technique describes the interface man and high responsibility systems: The Human Factor functions then in its variety as idea creator.

Marketing, during planning
Project Management, in production
Process Improvement, in test and application 
Value Management, during maintenance
Service Engineering at physician-patient interface

EGLIPTik® is ready to elaborate with you project approaches of adopted solutions and strategies. 

Navigation Systems, Geo Information Systems


Microprocessors, Sensors.


Costs in R&D can be controlled by Life Cycle Management and simulation because of the anticipation of error cognition. Validation of alternatives by mapping and monitoring through R&D minimizes the intensity of resources for configuration and implementation. So by the acceleration of verification processes can correspond in summa with a specification of Functional Safety.