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Medical Management

is  about medicine, administration,technical- , biological -, chemical-, physic - economical - social- and meanwhile ICT processes. EGLIPTik has prepared several seminairs for consultancy, further education and company health programs. 

Consultancy  - Softmetrics

Pain as a warning signal in medicine is different to physical or chemical systems and as a parameter not measurable in an objective way. In function of the individual life situation surgical operations vary from technical projects by calculability, repeatability, planning and automation.

systemic -systematic?  e- health und AAL? Do we knowwhat we measure and why? Do sciences explain everything, physicians and nursing have to decide in respect of life?  Questions like these appear more often inmedical than technical context. How can systems be modelled to agree stakeholder and shareholder interests in dignity and ethics? Can empathy or charity be classified for the ‘right’ payments? Scientific research, technical innovation, medicine, value management of tradition and family, coexistence of ways of life… - Which targets we meet? - Specific relax? - Completionvs. quality? Softmetrics get essential at man-technique-interfaces, when high reliability levels and quality occur to spiritual effects by evidence based medicine EBM implied through causality studies.  

The need in interoperability-man-technique can be focused by multidisciplinary Systems Engineering, where interdisciplinary and techno-social  meet intercultural limitation problems:

EGLIPTik® helps in validation and verification, modelling and simulation. 

Further Education 

EGLIPTik offers a variance of trainings of individual intensity, depth of specializaiton, faculty, target and participants:

Human Systems Integration

Due to the need of interoperability -human-technical  Systems Engineering and Systemic realization can be adopted where interdisciplinary, techno-social and intercultural limits offer systematic-technical problem definitions:  Complex Systems – Intuitive Analyses - 7 Senses

1 Walking - Running - Climbing  - Condition - Basis

2 Ski – Balance & Stability Physics Engineering

3 Tennis - Flexibility - Tactics 

4 Golf – Muscle Memory GEM individual  vs. team

5 Defense - Concentration / Reaction Systems Engineering

6 Team Sports - Complexity - Communication

Acustics - Optics - Perception - Logic & Intuition

individual coaching possible. 

Reiterative Modelling

is a principal methode in R&D of security systems. Responsibility of data security finally is in the decision of each single person in privat and work life: Examples, visualization and comparishments offer how to learn about:
Integration: People Project Program Power Peace
Reiteration Rhythm Relax Respect Regard Rescue Robot

Karate 4 women only: Women only improve coordination, concentration, self protection.

CHEHC Communication- Health - Efficiency - Happiness - Creativity

Fair communication and health are basic for efficiant work and  lead to additional value for employee and CEO. Thus  cost reduction from capacity to quality improvement can return from work and societal aspects.  Kommunikation und Gesundheit sind Grundlagen für effizeintes Arbeiten und 'erwirtschaften'damit einen Gewinn für Arbeitnehmer und Arbeitgeber. How to grow transparence, tracebility and structure in  work processes in order to achieve more contentness and place for creativity or just patiently FMEA will be shown troughout CHEHC.

Best Practices:

Ambient Assisted Living, Epidemiologie, E-health, Gender-spezifisches Gesundheitsmanagement, Gesundheits- und Medizinprävention der Generationen, Hygienemanagement, Medizinmanagement, Prävention, Softmetriken.